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Leads we offer

Medicare Supplements Leads

Choose what age groups we call! We provide leads for all ages T65 and up. Not all agents work the T65 market (which is easy and hard at the same time: it’s easy because there is no underwriting and is guaranteed issue – It’s hard because folks new to the Medicare Supplement Market don’t know what they want and need to be educated on their options. Some agents LOVE this market. Other agents want to work with existing Medicare Supplement owners and just become, as Zig Zigglar puts it, “Assistant Shoppers” helping clients lower their rates on the Plans they already have.

“Why not do both?! Either way, you’ll win clients for life who will appreciate your hard work and expertise. And best of all, you can help them over the phone from the comfort of your office because seniors today are used to buying online and over the phone!” We recommend sending a follow up letter immediately after the call with all pertinent required information and a business card even though many companies allow for phone signature verification now (and emailed documents).

Life Insurance Leads

Life Insurance is a “Love” product. People buy it to protect their loved ones against Final Expense costs and other debts they may want to pay off for a spouse when they pass on. The easy way to do this is with a Final Expense policy. If you have not sold Life Insurance over the phone you will find out it is easier than ever with great companies, rates and easy issue systems. Email us with any questions about what Final Expense companies and FMO’s are best to work with

Dental Insurance

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Real Estate Leads

Find prospective buyers and sellers quickly using our courteous, professional call center staff. It’s a hot market and people move quickly and they want Realtors who are on the ball and can take care of them quickly. Get to prospects before the competition does!

Custom Lead Campaigns

Do you have a successful lead campaign script you want us to call for you in an industry or market you are involved in? Send us the script, area codes and the demographics you want. We do the calling!

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Leads as low as $7.75 per hour. Your leads are delivered in 7 working days (or sooner!).

Why Invest in Leads from LeadsIn7 ?

I made the huge mistake of spending tens of thousands of dollars on leads and marketing systems from would be “Marketing Professionals” who had NEVER sold the products they were marketing or had any one with experience help them develop their lead programs.  They were not “field tested”.  I was shocked!  I asked: “Have you tried this program yourself?”.  Nope.  They were making money selling “concepts” about marketing and getting sales professionals to spend their own money.  Naturally I was upset and decided to do something about it. 

  • We don’t re-sell YOUR leads to 3 or 4 advisors
  • “Leads in 7: Built for Sales Professionals BY Sales Professionals.”
  • We sell to sales professionals who know a good lead when they see one.
  • We do “just in time” lead evaluation to re-calibrate the sales day in real time!
  • We hold weekly staff trainings to tweak our systems based on what our clients are asking for. We recognize our team members for doing a good job, give them incentives and fun events every month.
  • We keep our quality high by keeping our staff well trained and happy.
  • The Senior Market is Booming

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What Clients Say

The quality of these leads are awesome and the price is cheaper than owning my own call center (which I used to own). After 2 years of doing business with you, the lead quality just gets better! We have more leads than we can handle now! I need to hire new agents. We did 1 million in premium off these leads last year!!!

Jake A

I closed my call center operation at my agency and started using your call center. Now I can focus on what I do best, selling, and leave the management operations to your company.


Your customer service is great and your lead cost is saving me money and I am getting more leads than I ever had before

Client A


Scott S